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"Take the tale in your teeth, then, and bite till the blood runs . . . "

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Name:Star Wars Meta
Website:The Original Livejournal SW_Meta Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Star Wars Meta Discussion
This community exists because it didn't exist before, and because we think discussions about Anakin Skywalker's psychology, the ethics of the Old Jedi Order and the nature of the Dark Side--among many other topics--benefit from an audience larger than the circle of the authors' friends-lists.

Therefore, if you have meta, bring it. If it's about Star Wars, we want to see it. And we're casting a wide net:

New, original meta is always exciting, but we're not confining ourselves to that.

If you have a favorite meta post in your archives, dig it up for us.

Share your links and recommendations. (Links only, please. If it's not yours, don't repost without permission from the author.)

Have a meta-related question or need some inspiration? Poll us.

And meta-fic is the food of the SW geek gods.

Finally, our goal for all this is always discussion. We ask only that you keep it civil and respectful of other members. We're all passionate about these topics or we wouldn't be here, but remember what the Jedi say about where passion can lead. The mods reserve the right to step in if absolutely necessary, but that's not fun for anyone, and we'd prefer to avoid it. So if you don't think you can join a discussion on a particular topic without losing your cool, just let that post pass. There will always be another one.
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